Another matter with megathreads that rely on images

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It really comes down to New Horizons Items choice. Some people do want to find spoilers, others don't. Provided that people are able to choose whether they want to view it, I do not think there will be any problems.

Thank you for the feedback. The major thing with megathreads is we have already got two operating at a time (just two stickies is the limit on Reddit): Straightforward codes and questions. Those are two things that bring a whole lot of clutter, and there's a max of two slots that are tacky. During the time something else is taking that slot machine, the questions or code thread for instance, would not be observable and it'd get very little usage.

A directory thread could operate, but frankly, in my view with a massive collection of megathreads is a little messy/unintuitive. Just my thoughts though.

Another matter with megathreads that rely on images, there's no way to view images at this time, so the user would have to upload the images off themselves and place it. Which may be a massive hassle.

Can codes and questions be combined? People already place their codes from the questions thread despite the rules anyhow. That leaves a spot open for a daily/weekly megathread for other subjects. Or create the codes thread its daily/weekly scheduled article together with the other ones and keep the questions can you buy bells in animal crossing new horizons thread. I feel those threads are nice and all, although the simple fact that they take precedence over important news or events is weird.